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Milk Pitcher Rinsers for hygienic and great quality coffee

Milk Pitcher Rinsers

Whether it is a Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte or something else, most coffee varieties are a unique combination of coffee brew and milk with a few added ingredients. So while you put in your energies into getting the perfect brew shot, it is equally essential to ensure the quality of milk you are pouring into the beverage.

Milk jugs are a convenient option for cafes that use large quantities of milk. They come with a side handle to hold and a spout for easy pouring. Steaming the milk directly in the milk pitcher is possible too, just before adding to the drink. Hence a milk pitcher is one of the must-have barista tools. And the only way to keep reaping its benefits is by properly cleaning and sanitizing it. Else, the milk deposits and the heat immediately after steaming affect the milk texture and quality of the next brew.

Now that we have established the comfort of milk jugs and importance of their regular cleaning, let’s talk about a simple yet effective piece of equipment, made specially for them – the Pitcher Rinser.


What is a pitcher rinser?

Milk pitcher rinsers are square or rectangular boxes with a water sprayer at the centre. They come in a variety of sizes to choose according to the diameter and capacity of your milk jug. Your pitcher is cleaned in a jiffy and ready for use with the next batch. This is especially useful in busy cafes where every minute is valuable and you’d want to avoid running to the sinks and spending time on manual cleaning after every use.

What is its working mechanism?

Milk jug rinsers are the simplest it could get to rinse the milk pitchers that are repeatedly used throughout the day.

Press down the black disc around the sprayer to activate it and start high pressure jet streams. To rinse a used milk jug, just invert the milk pitcher over the disc and push it down. Strong water jets hit the inside walls washing away any milk residue and stains from the previous milk steaming.

What are its uses and advantages?

Steaming milk creates foam that dries out on the walls of the pitcher if not washed immediately. This may lead to contamination and subsequent souring of milk.

Also, steaming milk in the jug heats it considerably which leads to excessive froth and compromises the quality of milk. So spraying and rinsing with cold water cools it down and you can get a consistent serving.


What are the different types of milk pitcher rinsers you could choose from?

There are two main styles of commercial pitcher rinsers – Countertop and In-Counter

  • Countertop pitcher rinsers are chosen to add to an existing kitchen. They sit directly over the counter and need just two holes through the countertop – one for water supply and the other for drain.
    This model is also called the non-recessed pitcher rinser.
  • The in-counter pitcher rinsers or the recessed pitcher rinsers are suitable for new installations. In this variety, the countertop is cut out to the rinser dimensions and the rinser sits completely within the counter. The flanged edges rest over the counter and can be used to pull the rinser out when needed. Both the water and drain lines remain obscured.
  • Commercial pitcher rinsers also come with the additional drain board feature in both recessed and non-recessed rinser varieties. A drain board is simply a removable stainless steel perforated plate (i.e. with holes) over a part of the rinser. You can leave your jugs on it to drain off all the water after rinsing.


Milk Pitcher Rinsers


Make this semi-automatic tool a part of your workbench and you have assured hygiene and great milk quality with rich micro-foam throughout the day.
And that’s not all.. the frothing pitcher rinser is extremely simple to operate and rinses the milk pitchers thoroughly and only in just a few seconds. This saves time and energy which helps keep your customer queue short and happy even during the rush hour.

So choose your mounting style with appropriate dimensions to suit your counter and milk jug size and you can thank us later!

Additionally, use a Pressure Limiting Valve when connecting to the main water supply to secure the milk pitcher rinsers against pressure fluctuations and potential damage.