Coffee Equipment

Krome’s Coffee Equipment category comprises products and tools to make that perfect soulful coffee in many forms – espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and many others.

Various kinds of coffee tampers along with tamping mat over a stand and blind filters – all needed to bring about the evenness of coffee powder for a rich and thick black coffee.
The coffee cupping kit is a handy assortment of bowls, trays, glasses, cupping spoons, handy microfiber towels and coffee cupping note cards.
Milk pitchers of different capacities and coffee cocoa shakers are must-haves while barista accessories like latte art pen, nitro-coffee dispensing spout, etc. have also become indispensable these days.

Look no further than our Glass and Pitcher rinsers – our rinsers are NSF certified. Use Drip trays and knock boxes to keep your workspaces clean and welcoming.

This, in short, is an overview of all products under this section. Happy shopping!