Kegerator Conversion Kits

Hobbies are liberating and it’s even more exciting if you have a tangible product at the end of it.
And one such is brewing your own beer and enjoying it for months to come with a feeling that it’s all worth it!

If you’ve put in all the hard work and got your brew done and ready, you are just one more step from enjoying a laid back weekend with a chilled beer in hand or throwing a party and keeping the beer flowing.
Setup your beer dispensing system with our easy and complete Kegerator conversion kits. It includes everything from beer lines to gas cylinders, regulators, keg couplers, drip trays, cleaning brushes and solution, faucets and even towers depending on the type of kit you choose. There is no one size fits all here, we have come up with multiple kits for you to pick the one that suits your needs best.
You may also choose the dual beer line conversion kit to enjoy two different beer styles simultaneously.