3″ Length Drop-In Thermowell (1.5″)
Part Number : C5233

Drop-In Thermowell (1.5″)

  • 100% SS 304 Grade

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Drop-in thermowell:

Thermowell protects the temperature sensor from the impact of direct high heat. It gives a better accuracy in your measurements as well as increases the longevity of the sensor and hence is highly recommended in beer brewing – commercial as well as home brewing.

This Drop-in thermowell has a Tri-clover compatible inlet for attachment and is 3”, 6″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″ in length. The product is made of high quality Stainless steel 304 material with a fully polished surface.


  • PP cooling tower fills/ tube settlers working temperature is up to 80°
  • PP material is more environment protective.
  • Easy to use


MaterialStainless Steel 304