Part Number : C2651

Glycol Trunk Line – 4 Lines ( Sold by The Foot )

Glycol Trunk Line – 4 Lines

High Volume Glycol  – More cooling – Glycol Only Trunk Line – 4 Lines

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Glycol Trunk Line – 4 Lines (C2651)

Glycol Trunk Line is designed for use with glycol-cooled dispense systems.  Included 19mm insulated thickness in the beer trunk line which prevents any unwanted contamination to the beverage flowing through the tube. It helps in moving your beer from the keg to the faucet, bringing glycol along for the ride to ensure your beer stays cold.

It is Properly insulated with a soft foam material that is flexible and prevents moisture build-up. Glycol is an antifreeze Liquid agent and is a water-soluble coolant that is commonly used in heat transfer and cooling transfer applications.

In remote draft system installation, it’s ideal for running glycol lines from the power pack to the walk-in cooler

Available in Two Lines and Four line

  • Pre—wrapped glycol-only trunk line
  • Insulate to protect from freezing
  • Ideal for running glycol lines from the power pack to the walk-in cooler
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Colour-coded glycol and beer lines for easy identification
  • Sold by the Foot
  • The layer of tape provides flexibility for easy installation


Insulation3/4" ( 19mm ) closed cell
Barrier jacketSmooth vinyl
Moisture barrier wrapFood quality barrier film
Number of lines4
Technical Sheet (PDF)