Part Number : C711

Stainless Steel Pure Screen

  • Stainless Steel Contact With Beer

This Pure Screen  is a Welded Stainless Steel Screen that fits directly on your racking cane or keg dip tube and filters out particles from the fermenter. It is easy to clean and sanitize and it won’t harbor bacteria like plastic filters can because it is made of stainless steel. Whole hops work best as pellet hops may clog the screen.Not recommended for use with plastic racking tubes or plastic fermenters it can cause scratching and possibly infection.

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Pure Stainless Steel screen pulled over racking cane or tube as a sheath. Stops grains and hops from entering the tubes and hoses during transfers from one vessel to another. Corrosion resistant and easy to clean and use. Lasts over multiple uses.


  • Allows dry hopping to be done directly in the keg
  • Pellet hops have a tendency to clog the Pure Screen.
  • It works far better with Whole Hops.
MaterialStainless Steel 304