Part Number : C793

Stainless Steel Strainer For Pale Bucket

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Strain out hops, grains and other particles using this Stainless steel large strainer. The fine perforations restricts smallest of the particles and keeps the wort and brew clear for the next process. Heat resistant wooden handle allows using it with hot worts and other liquids as well.

  • Solidly constructed from high quality stainless steel from the two layers of tightly woven fine mesh to the thick handle.
  • No wastage of food because Double fine mesh nets easily catch and strain or drain the smallest ingredients.
  • You can put anything you like, the strainer will help you clean even the smallest bits of food
  • heat safe soft handles and bowl rests. Dishwasher safe.
  • Nests nicely for space efficient storage.
  • Usually Fits 6.5 gallon buckets perfectly.


MaterialStainless Steel 304
Handle MaterialWooden