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Self Diagnosis Draft System

Self Diagnosis Please check the solution about the various situation which can be misunderstood as a failure in advance. I can solve nicely with the simple action.

Please select the symptoms in the subject Given as a failure.

Causes and Solutions.

 Beer or CO2 gas are out.

  • Check Beer keg CO2 gauge.

– Main valve on CO2 gas tank or mid valve on gauge are locked

  • Check CO2 Tank main valve gauge mid valve pressure gauge. (Solution: Unlock the main valve and mid valve. Adjust gas pressure.)

– Head is loose.

  • Check head handle and beer keg. (Solution: Tighten beer keg and head.)

– Frozen hose in beer cooler or beer keg.

  • Check connecting hose beer keg beer cooler. (Solution: Unfrozen (head hose) Replace frozen beer keg Request for Repairing beer cooler)

– Flow meter is locked.

  • Check Flow meter on tap. (Solution: Unlock flow meter.)

 Extract coil in bracket is frozen.

  • Check if bracket in the Beer cooler is frozen. (If extract coil is frozen)(Solution: Require for A/S (Replace PCB))

 Foreign substance in extract line or shaft packing on tap is damaged.

  • Check Extract line tap. (Solution: Regular clean and check. Ask for A/S)

Causes and Solutions.

– Beer cooler is not on.

  • Check Consent Multi consent Power code fuse. (Solution: Check disconnection of power code.
    If something is wrong ask for A/S. Check fuse and replace it)

– It takes long time to freeze and beer cooler is over heated.

  • Check Dust on Condenser.(radiator cooling pin). (Solution: Make sure power connection.Ask for A/S Check fuse and replace it if something is wrong.)

– Lack of cooling water

  • Cooling water in beer cooler Bracket. (Solution: Refill cooling water to appropriate level. )

– Ice is melt due to excess capacity (evening peak time)

  • Check ice in beer cooler and ice Settlement. (Solution: Stop beer extraction until ice is resettled and ask to A/S staff)

– At the time of summer (too hot)

  • Check Temperature and location of beer keg. (Solution: Place beer cooler in a cool area for 4~5 hours to cool down. Avoid heat when it is installed such as fridge frying cooker etc.)

– Agitator Motor is out of work Or screw is damaged

  • Agitator motor Agitator motor connecting pin PCB. (Solution: Request for A/S)

Causes and Solutions.

– Beer fridge is under 0~2 Celsius.

  • Check Beer Fridge (Solution:Raise pre-cooling temperature to 5~10 to make similar temperature with beer cooler. )

– Beer circulation line is bent or too long to keep warm

  • Check beer circulation line (Solution: Replace circulation line and keep warm shortly.)

– Beer Keg was shaken seriously during the carriage

  • Check Beer keg (Solution: Stabilize the beer cooler for one hour)

– CO2 gas pressure is either too high or too law

  • Check CO2gas regulator (Solution: Set to proper pressure (Raise 5~10 in Summer season)
    – Large cooler :40~55 PSI
    – Regular Cooler : 30~40 PSI
    – Small Cooler : 30~35 PSI)

– Inaccurate flow meter

  • Check Flow meter (Solution: Extract beer by using flow meter and place flow meter lever on the right place )

– CO2 regulator is out of order 

  • Check the location of gauge indicator and amplitude of vibration. (Solution: Request for A/S)

– Gas leaking from the head

  • Check Rubber packing on the head. (Solution: Exchange the head make %2 CInquiry to A/S)

– Coke is worn. Or loose assembling

  • Check condition of rubber packing. (Solution:Exchange shaft and ask for A/S. Remove Coke and clean with Warm water.)

– Dirty glass

  • Check Cleanliness of all equipment. (Solution: Always keep all equipment including glass clean)

– poor at extract draft beer

  • Learn and become familiar with extract skills. (Solution:Bring the glass near coke.
    And hold the glass askew (45 degree) )

Causes and Solutions.

– Low pressure of CO2 gas.

  • Check CO2 regulator. (Solution:Set to proper pressure. (Raise 5~10 in Summer season)
    – Large Cooler :40~55 PSI
    – Regular Cooler : 30~40 PSI
    – Small Cooler : 30~35 PSI)

– Inaccurate flow meter

  • Check flow meter. (Solution: Extract beer by using flow meter and place flow meter lever on the right place.)

Causes and Solutions.

– Beer storage condition is inappropriate.

  • Check condition of beer keg storage.(Solution: Replace beer keg.)

– Run business for long period after opening the beer keg.

  • Check business days after opening beer keg. (Solution:Check business days after opening beer keg)

– Beer Stone in hose or scale in extract coil.

  • Check Hose color. (Solution:Clean extract line with cleaning tank and cleaning ball regularly)

Causes and Solutions.

– Protein in Beer can be freeze in winter time.

  • Check Beer keg. (Solution: Though harmless to people exchange it with new beer and return the Turbid one)