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Terms Of Service


Acceptance of the Terms

You must be of legal age to enter into a binding agreement in order to accept the Terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, do not use our Service. You can accept the Terms by checking a checkbox or clicking on a button indicating your acceptance of the terms or by actually using the Service.

Description of Service

Way2Order is a Seamless B2B Ordering Platform for Brands / Distributors / Wholesalers / Dealers & Retailers. It is available as a hosted service (SaaS Model) and can be accessed from the Way2Order online browser based application ( or the Way2Order Mobile App (for both Android & iOS). This service does not include internet access, which must be obtained from a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Use of Service

Way2Order grants you the right to access and use the service either through the website or with the Android and iOS mobile app. This right is non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable and limited by these Terms.

Activation of Service

Account activation takes place immediately after signing up for the service. In certain cases, due to excessive load, you may not receive the verification code instantly (for mobile or email verification). In such cases, we request you to wait for a while to receive the verification code. When you buy a Premium Account, the applicable features become available immediately, after the payment process is completed. In case these features do not become available, please wait for 24 working hours for these changes to reflect in your account. There is NO Recurring Billing under the Premium Plans. At the end of your validity period, your Premium Plan expires and you have to manually renew your plan.

Access of Service

You can access the service with the login information entered by you at the time of signing up. The Way2Order Web App works best with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Safari on Windows, Mac & Linux Systems, with javascript & cookies enabled. The minimum requirements for the Way2Order Mobile App are iOS 8 (and above) & Android 4.4.4 (and above). Subject to compatibility, you may be able to access our service without any hassles.

Availability of Service

Way2Order will work to make this service available continuously during your Service Period. We may perform maintenance and other system modifications, as deemed necessary, at times when they are least likely to interrupt the users. However, Way2Order will endeavour to inform you of such interruptions in a timely manner. Way2Order shall not be held responsible for any kind of loss / damage, financial or otherwise, in case of corrupted or lost data, service downtime, or service malfunction for reasons beyond its control. If the service is not available for the reasons attributable to Way2Order, we may extend your Service Period after investigating the probable causes.

Obligations & Responsibilities

You agree not to try to decompile, reverse engineer, plagiarize or in any other way obtain source code from the service. You will ensure that your username and password required to access the service is kept secure and confidential. The data within your Account, as converted and managed (in whichever format) by Way2Order will not be provided to you. Way2Order is not responsible for the legitimacy, legality, validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and suitability of your data and contained within this service. You acknowledge and agree that this Service is the property of Krome Dispense Private Limited (the creators of ‘Way2Order’) and is licensed and not sold to you under the Terms of Service. You shall not commit any act likely to result in the disrepute or harming of interests of Way2Order’s name or the name of Krome Dispense Private Limited or the name of its third party suppliers, whether through explicit act or omission.

Use of Name & Way2Order Logo

While you remain licensed to use the Service, you may use Way2Order’s name or logo in order to identify yourself as a customer. You shall not otherwise use Way2Order’s name or logo, unless written permission is obtained from Krome Dispense Private Limited.

Promotional Material & Publicity

You authorize Way2Order to use your name, your company name and logos/trademarks in Way2Order’s promotional materials and for publicity purposes. You can opt-out at any time by writing to support [at] way2order [dot] com

Price Changes

Way2Order reserves the right to change prices at any time.

Right to Refuse Access

Way2Order reserves the right to refuse anyone access to the Service for ANY or NO reason.

Termination of Service

Way2Order reserves the right to terminate your service in case you are found to breach the conditions mentioned in these Terms of Service. Way2Order also reserves the right to delete the contents of unused / dormant Accounts and in doing so Way2Order will duly inform you about any such action well in time.