Beer Faucets ( Taps )

Beer faucet is the last point of the draft beer system. It is also an important one, directing the flow of beer into the glass/mug.
Beer faucets come in a variety of styles and are chosen according to the beer style to be served. So consider the following things before choosing one for pouring out your draft beer.

There are three main types of beer faucets:
a. US Standard faucet – This is the most common type of faucet seen in North America and can be used to dispense a wide variety of beers including all American lagers and ales.
b. European faucet – Differs from the US standard style with a longer and narrower spout which decreases the overall foam head of the pour.
c. Stout faucet – This faucet is used with nitrogen-based draft beer. The smaller faucet opening allows slow pour resulting in a smoother and creamier beer.

Other kinds of faucets in our kitty include Picnic faucet assembly for outdoor party fun and Pluto gun, a handheld beer serving device which is an upgrade from the plastic picnic tap.