Towers By Number Of Faucets

Choosing a Draft beer tower for a commercial establishment is a Big Deal!
With so many designs, styles and finishes, it’s natural to face difficulty in picking just one.

This ‘Towers by number of Faucets’ category is a rearrangement of our Draft beer towers according to the number of faucets. To see our ‘Towers by Style’, click here.
The number of taps on your beer tower determines how many beer flavours or styles can be dispensed from the tower simultaneously by attaching as many kegs. You may also use all the taps for pouring out the same style as well to cater to high demand for a particular style.

So if you have an idea about the styles you want to have in your bar, you could simply browse through that faucet number category and see all the beer tower models available for it.
Go ahead and check them out!