Towers By Styles

Choosing a tower for your draft beer setup won’t be easy but Krome is with you throughout the process to help you make the right choice. Great quality, superb designs and unmatched variety – you can never go wrong with our product.

The table-top dispensers, column towers and T towers are few of the regular dispensers we usually see around while our snake, mamba and swan towers show our affinity towards nature and scope of our imagination to design unique products.
Bridge towers, cruise towers, wing-styled towers and elbow towers are multi-tapped draft beer dispensers that are sought after by microbreweries and pubs.
Ink pen, Taper cut, Arc, Inspire, Anthina Slim, Frozen, Superb and many other models are part of this category.

With such a wide collection in terms of shapes, sizes, mounting styles, colours, faucets, materials and finishes, there is one for everyone!