Racking and Bottling Equipment

Hobbies are liberating and it’s even more exciting if you have a tangible product at the end of it.
And one such is brewing your own beer and enjoying it for months to come with a feeling that it’s all worth it!
Since home brewing can be tiring and overwhelming, Krome is here with most of the basic equipment that goes into beer brewing. So you have one less thing to worry about now.

Racking and bottling equipment to secure your brew so that you can enjoy it for months to come.
Racking cane – a long hard plastic tube used to transfer beer or wine from one container to another by attaching a vinyl hose to the top end.
Gas-in dip tubes – used to send in gas into Cornelius keg.
Bottle capper and caps – once the brew is fermented, it is transferred to bottles for conditioning – for brew to mature. The duration for this depends on the strength you want.

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