Keg Coupler

Keg couplers are like the keys that fit the valve of the keg. There are as many kinds of couplers as there are valves – called systems, each forming a perfect lock-key combination. Connecting the keg coupler to a keg opens its valve and creates a path to send in pressurised gas and the beer is pushed out into the beer line.

Branding is the reason behind this multiple keg coupler/valve systems. A keg system has come to be associated with a specific brewery and differentiated from others when kegs went for refilling.

Your beer can be served properly only with the correct type of coupler that fits the keg valve. It is hence best to contact your local distributor or brewery itself in case of any questions about the type needed.
In the USA, most breweries use the D system.

All our couplers are NSF certified. To know more details you may search for Krome on NSF organization’s website or directly visit the listing for Keg Couplers.