Keg Opening Tools

Finished off your favourite beer and waiting to get more? Whether from your nearest brewery or the latest pub in town. Or if you are a home brew lover, and getting read to make your next batch. We have a great tool for you all!
If you have stainless steel or any other metallic keg, it would most likely be reusable. Be sure to give it a thorough cleaning before doing so.

We are here to talk about something that comes prior to cleaning and refilling. A keg is secured by its valve and that’s about the only opening you have on it. So in order to do your cleaning or refilling, you’ll first need to deal with this. We are sure this got you thinking how to do that.

We are here to make it easy! Here is a tool to depressurize and open kegs. You’ll need to select the tool depending on the keg type just like you do with couplers.

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