Part Number : C178

Drop Forged CO2 Spanners-30mm

  • Single open end spanner
  • Drop forged product – strong and durable
  • High impact resistant
  • Long body for easy gripping and handling

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Drop Forged CO2 Spanner 30mm (C178)
CO2 tanks, regulators, distribution panels and hoses are a huge part of the draft beer dispensing systems. Since the gas in the cylinder is under high pressure, many safety guidelines need to be followed to avoid mishaps.
There are a number of precautions for storing and working with the CO2 gas.
One of the crucial aspects is to prevent leaks. Always use a regulator and never directly connect the tank directly to the system. Make sure the connections are all tight and secure, especially of the regulator to the tank and all valves must be in close position.

Our Drop Forged CO2 Spanner 30mm comes handy to tighten all the net nuts during assembly and to loosen them in order to disassemble or replace an empty CO2 tank. The spanner is of forged Stainless and is extremely sturdy and durable. The long handle provides a good grip while using the tool. The spanner is one sided and the inner diameter is of 30mm.


Weight0.77 Lbs