Part Number : C360.03

Krome Glass Rinser Replacement Disk only

Replacement Part of Glass Rinser

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Glass Rinser Replacement Disk (C360.03)

The glass rinser is installed with water supply and drain connections. The spray assembly is our primary focus. Invert the glass over the stainless steel disk and press the glass downwards. This activate the sprayer and rinses the glass with high pressure jet stream. Constant regular use can damage the plate. A simple Glass Rinser Replacement Disk such as this is all that you’ll need to use it again.Place a glass rinser handy on your bar counter. Rinsing the glass with cold water before pouring the drink. This cools the glass down and reduces friction. This in turn reduces the risk of excessive foaming while pouring beer from the draft beer system.

Installers / Bar managers might need this during glass rinser maintenance


Glass Rinser Spray Assembly - Replacement C360.50 kromedispense

Glass Rinser Spray Assembly – Replacement C360.50 kromedispense


  • Used with Glass Rinser as replacement
  • Mounting Plate for Rinser cap
  • Drains water without spilling and creating a mess.


MaterialStainless Steel
FinishBrushed Stainless
MaterialAISI 430