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Grommet for 2 pcs airlock – 2 pieces pack

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Grommet for 2 pcs airlock – 2 pieces pack (c6502x2)

A pack of 2 silicone Grommet for 2 piece airlock to seal it effectively.
Fermentation lock or airlock is a device that provides a one way route to gases. It allows carbon dioxide released during fermentation to escape from the carboy while not allowing air to enter back in. This prevents oxidation.
Rubber stoppers with a drilled hole sits on the mouth of the carboy and an airlock is fitted over it.

  • Made from food safe silicon , never chips and flakes up
  • The grommet allows for easy installation into a bucket lid and provides a good seal.
  • Use with airlock for fermentation ,Perfect for securing airlock during fermentation
  • An airlock can be inserted in the grommet, Fits airlock perfectly
  • The Grommet will help maintain the ferment for a longer period
  • Grommets for 15 25,30 and 60 litre fermenter homebrew


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