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Ice Blanket for Mini Keg

Keep your beer chilled till the last pour. Wrap the beer keg with this ice blanket as soon as you remove from the kegerator

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Ice Blanket for  Mini Keg-(C2386)

This icy keg blanket has liquid filled pouches that create an evenly distributed thermal barrier for your keg. In other words, you’ll keep your whole keg cold, without worrying about messy melt water from traditional ice.

Ice Blanket Size Available :-

For 2 Itr keg – C2386

For 4 Itr keg – C2387

For 5 Itr keg – C2388

For 20 Itr keg – C2389

  • Lightweight and collapsible for easy transport and storage usable
  • just pop it into the freezer again.
  • Evenly distributed liquid pockets.
  • Creates a thermal barrier for kegs when used in conjunction with a keg jacket.


Base MaterialCotton
Body Materialplastic
Suitable for2 ltr Kegs, 4 ltr Kegs, 5 ltr Kegs, 20 ltr Kegs and 50 ltr Kegs
Instructions (PDF)