Part Number : C750

Kettle Diverter For Boil Kettle

  • Stainless Steel Contact With Beer

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Leave the grain and hop sediment behind in the boiling pot and get the clear wort to the next stage. With all the carbs and flavours extracted from the grain and hops respectively, it is best to filter them out and here is a tool to make that job simpler.
A U shaped diverter with 1/2” MPT that can be coupled with 1/2” FPT fitted on the inside of a kettle. It draws the wort from the side instead of the middle of the boiling pot.

Designed to pull form the side of the kettle inserted of the middle. This helps reduce trub from entering your
fermenter. By adjusting the height you can also control how much wort you leave behind in the Kettle. Has a
1/2 inch MPT fitting on the end, that screws into the inside coupler of o ut heavy duty kettles. Will only work
if your kettle has a 1/2 inch FPT coupler on the inside of the Kettle.


MaterialStainless Steel

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