Part Number : C231

Stainless Steel Cold Plate Fittings – 3/16″ ID

  • Stainless Steel Contact With Beer

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Stainless Steel Cold Plate Fitting 3/16″ ID (C231)

Hose barb fitting for cold plate connections.
The hose barb screws into the cold plate to which you can connect a 3/16” or 1/4” ID
vinyl hose. This tube carries the beer. The other end connects to the faucet shank.
This Stainless steel cold plate fitting 3/16” ID acts as a bridge, transferring the beer from the hose to the faucet. The beer passing through the hose barb fitting is quickly chilled by the surrounding cold plate.
The SS material is a very good conductor of heat and hence passes on the coldness to the beer. So you’ll receive a perfectly chill beer when you pour from the faucet.

1.Stainless steel liquid in fitting for cold plates.
2.Threaded on one end.


MaterialStainless Steel 304
SizeFitting OUT Bore ID 3/16"
Thread Size1/2" x 16 BSF
OperationFrom cold plate to faucet shank assembly
Standard Packing300