Beer Gas Accessories

Beer gas refers to any gas which is used in dispensing beer out of the keg by providing the required pressure. Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen are the two most common beer gases used in the draft beer system. A blend of nitrogen and CO2 is used for some lagers, stouts and nitro beers.

Getting the pressure right is essential to pour a crisp beer. Too much leads to foaming while too less gives a flat beer. Hence, we use a variety of products to set and maintain the desired pressure.

Beer gas pressure setting and distribution is carried out through a series of Primary and Secondary regulators and Gas panel assemblies.

A primary gas regulator sets the pressure at Gas cylinder. A multi-beer style system employs gas/air distribution panel – a single gas source can be used and distributed to many kegs.
In case the beer styles need different pressures, a secondary regulator is used to vary the pressure as required before sending into the keg.