Gas Distributors

Gas distributors are of many kinds but all facilitate the function of beer dispensing in a large way.
The primary utility of these Gas/Air distributors is in splitting the input gas to take multiple paths.
This is the easiest and most efficient way to use CO2 gas from a single source to draw out beer from multiple kegs simultaneously.

Following are the subcategories of Gas distributors in our product line:
Brass body: Made of durable brass material with highly polished chrome plating. The number of outlets begins and 2 and goes up to 4 here. There are with and without PRV variants among them.
Aluminum body: Aluminum has the advantage of being light-weight while also being durable. The series has distributors from 2-way to 8-way. All come without PRV.
MFL series: The gas outlet in a regular gas distributor is a barb fitting. The MFL series gas outlet is a Male threaded fitting. Available as 2-way, 3-way and 4-way distributors.

Each beer line can be individually shut off by turning the lever on the individual distributor outlet. Also comes with a check valve that allows gas to move in one direction only, preventing beer kick back.
This section also contains spares and replacement parts applicable to these distributors.