Part Number : C912

3″ Taper Cut Tower- 100% SS contact – 1 Faucet – SS Polished – Air Cooled

  • Air Cooled Technology
  • SS Polished
  • Stainless Steel Contact With Beer

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3″ Taper Cut Tower- 100% SS contact – 1 Faucet – SS Polished – Air Cooled (C912)

1 Tap Taper Cut Tower SS Polished

3″ Taper Cut Tower is Gorgeous and Heavy-duty because of its weight – You will Notice it!  It will Suitable to mount on kegerator and Dispense beer from your keg?

 dispensing wine? – No Problem!  Krome 3″ Taper design tower comes with all 304 stainless steel beverage contact   ensures a sanitary environment

SS 304 Grade contact with Draft-wine ensures the taste of your wine stays pure and un-oxidized.

Polished Stainless steel tap is included with this Single Tap Taper Cut Beer Tower.

outside Shell of beer font ( beer-dispensing tower) of this tower is made Stainless 304 grade. We also have some new exclusive design  Taper top Draft Towers with Diamond shaper as well!

we have a range of  Taper cut towers with Illuminated Branding options so that you can show customers what Beverage is on tap?

Beer Taps:

Pour your beer with perfection with our beer taps. Draft beer is beer that’s “on tap,” as opposed to bottled. Next time you’re at a bar or a restaurant with bar, look for a row of labelled levers. The beers on tap are fresher than the bottled selection.

In Our 1 Tap Taper Cut Tower SS Polished , we use Brass Taps with rich grade plastic knobs.


Air- Cooled Technology:

Air-cooled technology is best for beer dispensing in short runs. This system cannot maintain the required beer pouring temperature over long distances. This setup drives Cold air from the cooler to the beer tower. Also runs along-side the beer lines and keeps them cool. Air Cooled draft beer towers are commonly found on Kegerators, Home and Commercial Bars. Place the tower close to a static or forced cold air source.

  • 100% SS contact
  • Is available with Air Cooled Technology
  • Ensure that every pour from your draft beer tower comes out icy cold.
  • Installation is easy and quick also
  • Mounts on kegerator or counter top


MaterialStainless Steel 304
FinishSS Polished
Number Of Faucet1
Cooling SystemAir Cooled
Mounting SystemScrew Mount
Handle MaterialPlastic
Handle ColourBlack
Standard Packing4
Mounting Guide Template (PDF)

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