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Bazooka T Screen

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Bazooka T Screen

Stainless steel Bazooka Screen for use with brew kettle or mash tun to restrict hops and larger grain particles from entering into the hoses.
The 1/2” T fitting at the center can be used to attach a pick-up tube and both ends are crimped and welded. The overall length of the brewing filter is 10″.

Easy to clean and sanitize, bazooka screen that is a must have for all homebrewers. This grain brewing mesh screen is capable of handling brews of any size.
Rust free, sturdy and completely food safe Bazooka T screen.
Get only clear wort for fermentation. This in turn gives a clear beer too!


  • Excellent for straining out leaf hops in the boil kettle.
  • This tee fitting would attach to a pick up tube. Use it in a brew pot to help filter out trub from your wort.
  • This Bazooka T Screen is made by Stainless Steel 304 mesh and copper fitting.


MaterialStainless Steel 304
Outlet1/2" Copper