Part Number : C531.06

Glyco Cold Technology Tower Shank 2″ x 5/16″ Bore

  • 100% SS 304 Grade
  • Glyco Cold Technology

Glyco Cold Technology Tower Shank

Speciality Shanks with Internal O-rings

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Glyco Cold Technology Tower Shank 2″

Beer shanks or faucet shanks are important components of the draft beer system. They connect the beer lines to the faucets and hence play a crucial role in beer dispensing.

Glyco Cold Technology Tower Shank 2″ x 5/16″ Bore (C531.06)

Glyco Cold Technology special Tower shank is a smart insert used in beer systems with Krome Proprietary Glyco Cold cooling technology. The shorter length ensures that the cold beer reaches the tap faster. And the beer remains chilled to dispense. Made of Stainless steel material, it also provides a great interface between the beer line and the faucet.

For use in Krome undercounter beer towers 




  • Stainless steel faucet shanks
  • 2″ long – Shorter length shanks for use with Glyco Cold technology beer towers
  • Beer reaches the faucet faster – keeps beer chilled longer.
  • Replacement part in Glyco cold inserts.


MaterialStainless Steel
FinishElectro Polish
Thread Size5/8"x1 4 BSP(standard shank length )
Weight0.24 Lbs
TypeBeer Faucet Shank
Suitable forGlyco Cold Technology Tower Shank

Replacement Parts

Item #Part NumberReplacement Part
1Replacement o-ring for Glyco Cold system Shank C569.03.02 kromedispenseC569.03.02Replacement o-ring for Glyco Cold system ShankSign In to View PriceAdd to Cart