Part Number : C5202

Spanner SW 30/32 – CO2/N2


This Krome Spanner SW 30/32 – CO2/N2 is a tool used to hold or twist a nut or a pipe joint.—usually rotary fasteners or keep them from turning.


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Spanner SW 30/32 – CO2/N2 (C5202)

This is Heavy-duty spanner for co2 regulators, All beverage air tanks need a pressure regulator and this Co2 Air Tank Wrench stays on CO2 beer gas regulator.

this is a multi-purpose closed-end ring spanner 30mm x 32 mm

Heavy-Duty Spanner suitable for Hex Nuts of co2 regulator with 32mm F/F or 30 mm hex F/F shape

Nickel-Plated steel construction





FinishZinc Coated