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Overpass Wall Mount Tower – 16 Faucets – SS Polished – Glyco Cold Technology

  • Glyco Cold Technology
  • New
  • SS Polished

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Overpass Wall Mount Tower – 16 Faucets – SS Polished – Glyco Cold Technology (C1430)

C1429 14 Faucet Glyco Cold Technology
C1428 12 Faucet Glyco Cold Technology
C1427 10 Faucet Glyco Cold Technology
C1426 8 Faucet Glyco Cold Technology
C1425 6 Faucet Glyco Cold Technology

16 Tap Overpass Wall Mount Tower SS Polished

Overpass tower is a wall mount style that is securely clamped to the wall at the height of your choice. Keeps your bar countertop free for service and interaction with customers.
This 16-tap draft beer tower uses Glyco cold beer cooling technology and comes in a Stainless Steel Polished finish.


Beer Taps:

Pour your beer with perfection with our beer taps. Draft beer is a beer that’s “on tap,” as opposed to bottled. Next time you’re at a bar or a restaurant with a bar, look for a row of labeled levers. The beers on tap are fresher than the bottled selection.

In Our 16-tap Overpass Wall Mount tower SS Polished, we use Brass Taps with rich-grade plastic knobs.


Glyco Cold Technology: 

Glyco cold technology works best with long-drawn commercial draft beer systems. It has a specially designed-beer tower and a glycol chiller. Propylene glycol, a food-grade anti-freeze mixed with water is the coolant in the chiller. This combination is highly efficient. It maintains the required temperature for the perfect pour right up to the faucet. Glyco-cooled draft beer towers have special foam-sealed beer lines. This reduces heat exchange with the surroundings. 


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Learn more about Krome Glyco cold technology


  • Glycol Recirculation Copper tubing has two point contact with cold block which is closer to shank and towards tap for quick cooling transfer
  • Three Level Sealing with specially designed shank
  • Specially designed Brass Cold Block for Optimum Cooling at the point of dispense.
  • Cold Block designed for more contact with copper recirculation pipe. For more info click here
  • 1/4″ O.D Stainless Steel Pipe with 1/4″ – 3/8″ Barb Fittings


MaterialStainless Steel
FinishSS Polished
Number Of Faucet16
Cooling SystemGlyco Cold Technology
Mounting SystemWall Mount
Inlet Connection1/4" OD Stainless Steel Pipe with 1/4"-3/8" Barb Fittings
Glycol Connection3/8" O.D. Copper tubes with 3/8" barb fitting
Distance Between Taps3"
Glycol Cold Technology (PDF)
Dimensions & Measurements (PDF)

Warnings / Instructions

Important information – Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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